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When visitors to the Blue Mountains think of attractions to see in Katoomba, they usually think of the natural wonder of the Three Sisters and the vast green valleys below. However a new attraction has opened at Katoomba, which is a feast for the eyes of a different kind.

A laneway in Katoomba has been transformed from a little frequented and dingey alley, into a popular and colourful passageway for tourists, who flock to the area to view the works of talented street artists from around the world in the Katoomba Street Art Walk.

Artworks on the walls of Beverly Plaace, Katoomba

Image credit: Ann Niddrie Photographer

Featuring work from local, national and international artists, the Katoomba Street Art Walk, founded by Street Art Murals Australia (SAMA), has already become a popular evolving attraction for visitors and locals alike. Located in Beverly Place behind the main shopping strip of Katoomba Street, the Street Art Walk is open 24 hours and is free. Grab a hot coffee from Clean Slate Cafe, or one of the many other great cafe's on the lower end of town and meander down to Beverly Place.

Katoomba Street Art Walk signage in Beverly Place, Katoomba

Image credit: Ann Niddrie Photographer

Katoomba based artist Mandy Shoene-Salter creates various forms of paste-up art and has one work featured in the outdoor gallery. Part of the appeal of the paste up as an art form is its tendency to change in appearance over time as the materials deteriorate due to the natural elements.

Paste up art in the Katoomba Street Art Walk

Image credit: Ann Niddrie Photographer

Rating 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor, the urban appeal of the unique artistic experience was summed up well by Micheal_from_AU of Sydney -

‘Stumbling around tripadvisor and the Blue Mountain's own list of 'Things to Do' was this random and odd little attraction. Graffiti / graffiti art / street art; all the above, ordinarily, is not my thing at all. However, my wife and I were doing my best to compile a good and varied list of things to do, so we decided to check it out.

This street is seriously cool. Some very weird art, but something most people can still appreciate. Street artworks from small doors, to entire 2 story building walls line the street, with a mixture of styles. The walk doesn't take all that long, but it's worthwhile going to for sure.’

Image credit: Ann Niddrie Photographer

So, if you are looking for an exciting and varied selection of attractions to visit in the Blue Mountains this visit, the Katoomba Street Art Walk would be one to put on your list.

Knitting around a pole in the Katoomba Street Art Walk, Katoomba

Image credit: Ann Niddrie Photographer

Find accommodation in the popular village of Katoomba close to the Katoomba Street Art Walk, great café’s, restaurants and shopping, or use our advanced search tool to search for specific dates or requirements. If you aren’t feeling too urban right now, look a little further afield for our accommodation somewhere like Little Hartley, for a bit more of a secluded country feel.

Image credit: Ann Niddrie Photographer

Katoomba Street Art Walk

38 Waratah Street,

Katoomba NSW 2780


Images: Copyrighted by Ann Niddrie 2015



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